earths-of-distant-suns-michael-carrollHow We Find Them, Communicate With Them, and Maybe Even Travel There

All of us are mesmerized by the possibility of other Earth-like worlds out there. Is there intelligent like elsewhere? Can we go there? Can we at least communicate with them?

Author Michael Carroll has spent decades as a science journalist and even longer as an astronomical artist. In Earths of Distant Suns, he asks what we can gain from identifying these Earth analogs spread across the Universe. Based on the latest mission results, and supported by the author’s artwork, this book explores the possible lessons we may learn from exoplanets. Potentially, for example, we could learn more about our own climate. Also explored are the possibilities of communication between, or even travel to, these distant yet perhaps not so dissimilar worlds.

As the number of known Earth-like objects continues to grow, the author takes us closer to these ‘pale blue dots’ so far afield. Recent discoveries by space telescopes such as Keck, the Hubble and Kepler, as well as more sensitive ground observatories, are laid out. These findings have fired the imaginations of the general public as well as scientists. Speculation about alien worlds is no longer left to the realm of science fiction!

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