by James Geach

Galaxy (James Geach)This book is a compelling tour of the state-of-the-art science of extragalactic astronomy. It offers a first-hand account of both the science itself and how it is done, describing what we currently know as well as what we don’t. Astronomer James Geach takes us back 100 years to when scientists first proved the existence of other, distant galaxies, and tracks the continued improvement in our ability to collect and interpret the light emitted by faraway galaxies. He discusses examples of our rapidly accelerating research, from the initial discovery that faint ‘spiral nebulae’ were actually separate star systems located far beyond the Milky Way to the latest observations of the nature of extremely distant galaxies and how they have evolved. He also examines the theoretical framework and computer simulations that describe our current ‘world model’ of the universe.

The numbers involved when it comes to discussing stars, galaxies and the inconceivably vast tracts of empty space between them are staggering. With hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe, all of varying shapes, sizes and ages – each containing hundreds of billions of suns – at first glance our universe appears frustratingly unknowable, and yet it is captivating to explore.

With over one hundred superb colour illustrations, GALAXY: MAPPING THE COSMOS is an illuminating guide to the choreography of the cosmos, chronicling how our home in the universe came to be and how we came to know our place within it.

‘An enthralling, detailed and beautiful look at one of the most challenging and exciting areas of modern astronomy, and a great addition to any enthusiast’s library.’  Sky at Night Magazine

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