The End of Night-fcA brilliantly starry night is a wonderful vision. Yet most of us no longer experience true dark.

Exposure to artificial light has been cited in a range of health concerns, while seemingly endless daylight has wrought havoc on our wildlife.

In search of the dark, Paul Bogard travels the globe, from Las Vegas to London, illuminating the problems caused by a lack of darkness and showing exactly what we’ve lost and what we might regain.



Takes us light years through history, science, psychology, art, folklore and [Bogard’s] own travels, looking for an unpolluted dark and starry, starry night.’
The Times

To seek to let back in a little of the lost starlight and allow more of nature’s shadow to reassert its balm seem to me both modest and wholesome aims, and Bogard’s book does much to make a case for them.’

Thought provoking . . . convincing that artificial light has blinded us to the beauties of the night. Perhaps it’s time to follow [Bogard] over to the dark side.’
Mail on Sunday

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