SCIENCE FICTION BY SCIENTISTS by Michael Brotherton (Editor)

This anthology contains fourteen intriguing stories by active research scientists and other writers trained in science.

Science is at the heart of real science fiction, which is more than just westerns with ray guns or fantasy with spaceships. The people who do science and love science best are scientists. Scientists like Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Fred Hoyle wrote some of the best-known and widely-read tales of golden age science fiction. Today there is a new generation of scientists writing science fiction informed with the expertise of their fields, from astrophysics to computer science, biochemistry to rocket science, quantum physics to genetics, speculating about what is possible in our universe. Here lies the sense of wonder only science can deliver. All the stories in this volume are supplemented by afterwords commenting on the science underlying each story.

Mike Brotherton is a professor of astronomy from the University of Wyoming who specializes in observational studies of quasars, enigmatic objects powered by supermassive black holes. He is also the author of the well-reviewed hard science fiction novels Star Dragon and Spider Star from Tor books, and founder of the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop for Writers. He is a member of the advisory board of Springer’s Science Fiction book series.

In Science Fiction by Scientists we are presented with an interesting blend of situations, environments, speculations and creative trips of the imagination. As the book title suggests, the stories have a good input of science, written as they are by an assortment of physicists and physics teachers, astronomers, microbiologists, science fiction writers and an aerospace engineer which, when taken together, offers a collection of thought-provoking and speculative science fiction. The fourteen stories in the anthology comprise a good blend of science and fiction, each tale being accompanied by an afterword in which the author discusses and explains the science behind the story in question. Science Fiction by Scientists is a book that I can definitely recommend. Brian Jones.

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