A Guide to Astronomy by Lloyd Mallan

A Guide To AstronomyA Guide to Astronomy by Lloyd Mallan


From the Fawcett ‘How-To’ series of books. Contents include chapters on The Earth’s Atmosphere, The Moon, The Sun, The Planets, The Milky Way, Radio Astronomy, The Marketplace, A Reflector-Telescope Camera for $30, A 3-Inch Refractor for $75 and Building a Herschel Wedge (budget prices set out in the chapters are as at date of publication!). Illustrated throughout in black and white and including many (interesting) advertisements including one on the back cover headed ‘Man in Space – WHEN?’. This is a wonderful retro-look at the subjects of astronomy and space!

Used. Paperback. Good condition with very slight scuffing to the cover. Published around 1958 by Fawcett Publications, Inc. 144pp Measures around 9 inches (23cm) x 6½ inches (16cm) No ISBN or cover price.


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