STARS NIGHT BY NIGHTThis modern version of The Stars Night by Night, written by Brian Jones, is a fitting tribute to Joseph Henry Elgie whose own book ‘The Stars Night by Night’ was an inspiring and encouraging guide to those backyard astronomers who turned its pages over a century ago.

Since Joseph Henry Elgie’s original book was published in 1914 we have lost none of our wonder and fascination with the night sky. This book is a celebration of Elgie’s work which will encourage and inspire you to develop your own love affair with the stars.

The constellations were devised by mankind to create harmony out of the night sky’s seemingly-chaotic array of stars. Even though modern astronomers know a great deal about the stars, the age-old fascination humans have for the mysteries of the skies has not diminished because of this.

Written at a level to suit both beginners and more-experienced stargazers, The Stars Night by Night offers the opportunity to observe and discover the constellations that adorn the night sky. Starting with the brilliant Orion, which is visible to astronomers the world over, the book takes us on an odyssey around the heavens, during which we follow a celestial trail, hopping from one constellation to another using the previously described star group to take you on to the next. Every constellation is covered and along our journey we discover their origins and mythology together with snippets of interesting information about the main stars and other celestial wonders which form each group – for example, double and variable stars, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.

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‘The Stars Night by Night’ is relevant for any year and any level of knowledge and provides a portable, interesting, thorough and quirky guide to the night sky. It is sprinkled with quotes from Joseph Henry Elgie, which take us back to his observing experiences, and also includes thoughts and observations from other astronomers of his era and before. Elgie’s wonderfully poetic language would give anyone incentive to look upwards in the night and see and feel the wonders he so beautifully describes.


  • Star charts compiled by Garry Blackmore
  • Biography of Joseph Henry Elgie
  • Introduction to the celestial sphere
  • List of constellations with their origins
  • Star charts for every constellation and finder charts to help you to locate numerous star clusters, nebulae and galaxies
  • Glossary / List of further reading

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